Guardian Glass in

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

From Float Glass to Full Fabrication

The Guardian Glass manufacturing facility in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is part of the company’s vertically-integrated supply chain. By controlling the process from float glass to insulating glass (IG) units, Guardian can adjust quickly to changes in demand and ensure our products are available to our customers.

Designed to Support the Most Stringent Customer Demands

Guardian has made significant investments in state of the art fabrication technology in Sun Prairie to serve the most demanding and quality-focused customers in the glass industry. Among our capabilities are:

  • Automated and manual IG lines to meet stock as well as custom demands
  • High quality tempering assets capable of producing residential products at commercial standards. Roller wave and bow and warp well below industry standards
  • “Plug-and-play” custom sequencing and sorting capabilities to match our customers’ production processes
  • Proprietary enterprise resource planning software with electronic ordering capability for the seamless ordering of thousands of unique parts
  • Facility-wide barcoding of products for enhanced quality control and product tracking

Insulating Glass with Guardian Align™ spacer

Meeting the needs of Guardian’s residential and commercial customers, we make IG units at Sun Prairie with Guardian Align™ spacers – our proprietary stainless steel spacer system.

Learn more about Guardian Align™

Residential Tempering at Commercial Standards

Guardian in Sun Prairie is a SGCC®-certified facility and capable of producing residential products at architectural standards. With more than 50 years of tempering experience and full sequencing capabilities, customers can be confident in partnering with Sun Prairie for their tempering needs.

Endless Possibilities for Window & Door Manufacturers

Guardian Glass is a dedicated partner to customers big and small with the global resources to support complex needs. These include:

  • Retrofitting Guardian IG units into your existing window designs and processes
  • Technical glass experts available for structural, thermal, and acoustic modeling, as well as other complex problem-solving
  • Glass testing proficiencies
  • Ever-evolving float, sputter coating, and other value-added product portfolio designed to improve people’s lives

The Sun Prairie team, backed by their Guardian Glass colleagues around the world, is ready to help window, door, and skylight manufacturers achieve more with glass.

Download our detail sheet for more information on standard glass types, automated and manual lines, tempering and other capabilities in our Sun Prairie facility.

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