Heat Barrier

Guardian Heat Barrier: Girl checking a self-cleaning oven

It takes the heat

Ovens generate considerable heat during the self-cleaning process. To help keep consumers safe, leading manufacturers have turned to the Heat Barrier low-e glass products for over 30 years. Heat Barrier products are specially designed to manage heat within designated areas of the oven.

HB+™ is the next-generation Heat Barrier coating. As a single-sided transparent coating, it enables cost-effective system design, as well as achieving a new level of performance and aesthetics. It offers:

  • High performance heat-treatable coated glass based on advanced low-e coating technology
  • Our lowest emissivity coating in the appliance market
  • Pleasing blue reflected color especially with stainless steel
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • High durability in extreme environment (UL Compliant)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Able to be used with other coatings
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HB Clear
sets the new standard in the Heat Barrier™ product line offering optimum heat management and easy system assembly. As a double-sided coating, it offers:

  • Neutral appearance of clear uncoated glass
  • High Durability (>100 self-cleaning cycles)
  • Ability to be a standalone solution or coupled with other coatings
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and HBII™ coatings have been the #1 choice of range manufacturers for use in self-cleaning oven doors for over 30 years.

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HB Décor is a family of painted glass products that can be used in oven door assemblies as decorative high-performing glass (inner or outer oven doors).

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