SatinDeco Acid-Etched glass in front of colored stacked books

The privacy you need, the light you want

SatinDeco acid-etched glass delivers a striking blend of light and privacy in one elegant solution. Manufactured using a proprietary acid-etching process, SatinDeco acid-etched offers color neutrality, an exquisitely smooth finish and brighter translucence that disperses light beautifully.

Elegance that lasts

SatinDeco acid-etched glass stays permanently beautiful with minimal care. The luminous finish of SatinDeco acid-etched glass is extremely robust and durable, helping prevent fingerprints or other marks from grease or dirt. Once installed, SatinDeco acid-etched glass does not require any special care. And as time passes, you can rest assured it will retain its elegance.

Choose what to reveal and conceal

SatinDeco acid-etched glass offers the ultimate in design flexibility. It creates a distinctive ambiance in a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

Product combinations

Most interior glass products are available with SatinDeco acid-etched finishes, meaning you can bring the elegant translucence of SatinDeco acid-etched glass to any interior design application.

Order a SatinDeco® Sample

SatinDeco Acid-Etched Glass from Guardian Glass - SatinDeco Product Sample


Offers privacy while transmitting high, diffused light

SatinDeco Double Sided Acid-Etched Glass from Guardian Glass - SatinDeco Double Sided Product Sample

SatinDeco Double-Sided

Acid-etching on both sides amplifies the effect, with a silky smooth finish

SatinDeco UltraClear Acid-Etched Glass from Guardian Glass - SatinDeco UltraClear Product Sample

SatinDeco UltraClear

Low-iron glass removes any green tint

SatinDeco Mirror Acid-Etched Glass from Guardian Glass - SatinDeco Mirror Product Sample

SatinDeco Mirror

Offers a hazy, reflective look

Product details

Thickness and stock sheet sizes

Thicknesses from 3mm to 15mm

Maximum sheet size

Available in size 96" x 130"

Design options

Cut to size, heat treated, bent, screen printed, laminated, drilled, notched, polished


Architects and designers use SatinDeco with ExtraClear® to make visually striking and memorable doors and moveable walls, partitions and panel systems, tabletops, stairways, windows and more. It brings depth and sophistication to a range of exterior and interior settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. It provides privacy with light in a variety of commercial applications, including offices, retail settings, hospitality and healthcare environments. Use it on its own as a monolithic glass or it can be fabricated into an insulated glass unit that includes performance glazing for added thermal insulation or solar control.

Care & Cleaning Guidelines