Commercial retail environment refrigerator door made with Guardian ThermaGuard glass

Enticing energy efficiency

In supermarkets and other food retail outlets, refrigeration units such as cooling cabinets, freezer units, wine coolers and horizontal cooling counters play a vital role. Manufacturers of these units need to select energy-efficient glass that can help retailers save energy, while selecting high-performance glass that allows shoppers to see clear through to the products.

The Guardian ThermaGuard® product family for refrigeration glass and insulating glass units can help you achieve both.

Product features

  • Comprehensive range of anti-reflective and low-E coatings for monolithic and IGU applications, including unique combinations (hybrid solutions)
  • High light transmission, low reflection and color neutrality for better visibility of the goods and clear views at all times
  • Silk-screening is possible on all coatings

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The Guardian ThermaGuard product family for refrigeration glass and insulating glass units offers exceptional choice in maximizing energy savings and achieving high visibility.

ThermaGuard 2 and ThermaGuard 2 Premium thermal insulation glass keep vertical and horizontal refrigeration units cool and energy efficient.

ThermaGuard AR creates an optimal shopping experience by providing an excellent view, ensuring the glass doesn’t cloud a shopper’s view of the merchandise.