Colorful pencils in a glass showing behind Guardian acid-etched glass to demonstrate privacy

Scatter light for privacy and style

Guardian acid-etched glass offers a smooth, satin-like decorative surface that scatters light. It offers privacy with compelling finishes you’ll want to reach out and touch—all while letting in abundant natural light. Use Guardian SatinDeco® acid-etched glass to transform transparent to translucent, and create striking environments that seem to glow from within.

How it's made

The acid-etching process partially dissolves parts of the glass to leave a beautiful pattern. There are several pattern varieties that can be inlayed to the glass. The strength of each pattern can be adjusted to achieve the desired opacity.

SatinDeco Acid-Etched glass in front of colored stacked books


SatinDeco® acid-etched glass offers color neutrality, an exquisitely smooth finish and brighter translucence that disperses light beautifully

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