Fade & UV protection

Protection from UV rays and more

Large windows can let in beautiful light, but can also contribute to fading of materials in the home over time. The use of laminated glazing significantly improves the ability of the glazing to block the sun’s UV radiation. The addition of Guardian low-e coatings can reduce the risk of fading even further.

About Fade Resistance

Both UV radiation (300-380 nm) and visible light (380-780 nm) can contribute to fading, though the specific level of fading is dependent upon the chemistries of the individual furnishing material. While complete prevention of fading for specific materials would require careful analysis and evaluation, a metric known as the damage-weighted transmission (Tdw) can be useful in assessing the fading potential for a glazing.

The Tdw represents the combined transmission of UV and visible light, factoring the correlations between individual wavelengths and experimental instances of material fading. This metric can be readily calculated with our Glass Analytics suite ( https://www.guardianglass.com/us/en/tools-and-resources/tools/glass-analytics ) for a range of prospective glazing compositions.

Explore Guardian ClimaGuard® coated low-e coupled with laminated glazing that helps to protect against fading, or contact your Guardian Glass sales representative for more information.

Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 70/36 - all season photograph of modern house, winter and summer

ClimaGuard 70/36

ENERGY STAR® Northern and North-Central Zones

Balances improved solar control and excellent U-factor for climates summers are hot and winters are cold

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 55/27 - photo of family preparing breakfast in kitchen

ClimaGuard 55/27

South-Central and Southern ENERGY STAR® Zones

Reduces both solar heat gain and glare for western, southern, and waterfront homes with bright sunlight exposure

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 53/23 - photo of young African America woman reading on sofa with glass of juice

ClimaGuard 53/23

South-Central and Southern ENERGY STAR® Zones

Cools homes in warm, southern climates with triple silver protection to lower solar heat gain and U-value

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