Fade & UV protection

Protection from UV rays and more

Large windows can let in beautiful light, but can also contribute to the degradation of home furnishings. Guardian offers spectrally selective low-E glass that, when laminated, blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

About spectrally selective glazing

UV light exposure is a frequent culprit in fabric and pigment fading, plastic deterioratoin and changes to the apperance of many types of wood. Spectrally selective glazing is high-performance glazing that admits the highest amount of daylight possible, while filtering ultraviolet (UV) light and other main causes of fading. The United States Department of Energy has established a Light-to-Solar Gain Ratio of 1.25 as the minimum measurement for glazing to be classified as spectrally selective.

Explore Guardian ClimaGuard® residential glass that provides fade and UV protection below, or contact your Guardian Glass sales representative for more information.

Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 70/36 - all season photograph of modern house, winter and summer

ClimaGuard 70/36

ENERGY STAR® Northern and North-Central Zones

Balances improved solar control and excellent U-factor for climates summers are hot and winters are cold

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 55/27 - photo of family preparing breakfast in kitchen

ClimaGuard 55/27

South-Central and Southern ENERGY STAR® Zones

Reduces both solar heat gain and glare for western, southern, and waterfront homes with bright sunlight exposure

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 53/23 - photo of young African America woman reading on sofa with glass of juice

ClimaGuard 53/23

South-Central and Southern ENERGY STAR® Zones

Cools homes in warm, southern climates with triple silver protection to lower solar heat gain and U-value

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