Jumbo glass

National Arts Center jumbo glass wall

Impress at first sight

Guardian Glass has a long history of manufacturing jumbo coated glass around the world. Our newest jumbo coater in North America helps glass accomplish everything standard glass does best—on a larger scale. Go jumbo to redefine the possibilities of construction, dissolve the boundaries to connection indoors and out, energize and enlighten interiors with natural light, and impress at first sight with larger than life designs. Plus, you can pair jumbo glass sizes with your favorite Guardian SunGuard® coatings for the performance you want and need.

Pierre Lassonde jumbo glass curtain wall

Enjoy the view

Where standard glass lites are around 102" by 144", Guardian jumbo float glass is 130" by 204".

National Arts Centre jumbo glass facade

Big performance

Blend light and energy efficiency on a grand scale with Guardian jumbo glass. Jumbo glass can be paired with Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings for excellent performance.

Pierre Lassonde Pavilion using jumbo glass


Access aesthetics for any vision. Jumbo glass can be bent, laminated and coated with tinted and low-iron substrates to provide views that are beautiful, safe and energy efficient.

Redefine the possibilities of construction

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When specifying oversize glass, there are some technical considerations to keep in mind. As glass gets bigger, more surface area is exposed to outdoor elements. Heat-treated glass is recommended to help increase strength and resistance to wind loads and help reduce the risk of thermal breakage.

  • Glass thicker than a standard quarter inch (6mm) may be recommended to help keep secure within the frame, prevent edge pull out and maintain glass deflection.
  • Movement of the oversize IG unit can add stress to the IG seal. A wider than standard sealant bite may be needed for larger sizes.
  • Please confirm that the finished IG units can be fabricated by the Guardian Select Fabricator for your project.

Jumbo Performance

Details about Guardian SunGuard products that will be available in jumbo sizes:

  • Products that are currently available are SunGuard SuperNeutral 68, SunGuard SNX 62/27 and SunGuard SNX 51/23. Addional low-E coatings will be added soon
  • Available in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm
  • Standard jumbo 130" x 204", oversize jumbo 130" x 240"
  • Available on Clear, Gray, Green, Guardian UltraClear low-iron, Guardian CrystalGray® and Guardian CrystalBlue® float glass substrates

Endless possibilities

Our float glass is the building block for all types of uses. Clear and distortion free, Guardian float glass is offered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit any flat glass application. It is prized for its high light transmission, optical clarity and ability to be fabricated to meet custom performance and aesthetic needs. It can be tempered, laminated, painted, coated, silvered to produce mirrors and much more.

Guardian UltraClear®

Low-iron glass that is noticeable clearer than standard glass, so what people see is up to you

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High quality float glass for use in a wide range of applications


Blue-tinted float glass for high light transmission and energy performance

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Light-transmitting, light-gray float glass with improved solar control

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Gray-tinted float glass to improve solar control and provide additional aesthetic appeal


Green-tinted float glass to enhance energy savings