Transportation float glass

The back-view of a black vehicle

The best in transportation glass experience with unparalleled availability

Looking for advanced glass solutions for vehicles or specialty transportation? Let Guardian Glass serve you with unparalleled technological know-how and experience in transportation glass applications. We support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with top-quality glass for multiple applications. And we make significant investments to ensure our float glass meets your requirements today and into the future.

Our automotive and transportation float glass is manufactured at one central facility in Carleton, Michigan. This dedicated plant produces a broad mix of products year-round. With wide availability and order fulfillment from a single facility, you can mix loads, order the volume that makes the most sense for your business and improve your inventory management costs.

Explore Guardian transportation float glass options below, or contact your Guardian Glass sales representative for more information.

The side-view of a white vehicle

Green tinted float

Green tinted glass is all-purpose glass for transportation with high visible light transmission and reduced solar heat gain.

SMG® (Solar Management Glass)

Solar Management Glass products reduce solar load to increase fuel efficiency for transportation vehicles. This results in a more comfortable cabin, lower emissions and excellent styling options.


Primarily used for windshield applications and other high light transmission applications


Body glass for the rest of the vehicle, including backlites, sidelites and more


Body glass used for the rest of the vehicle

Privacy glazing

PrivaGuard® glass is a tinted glass product that reduces a vehicle’s solar thermal load and adds privacy, security and style. This product exhibits outstanding heat absorbing ability with deep-tinted, neutral gray aesthetics.


Deep-tinted, neutral gray appearance