Guardian Vacuum IG

Vacuum IG Insulated Glass from Guardian Glass - Vacuum IG samples

Glass that insulates like a wall

Guardian Vacuum IG glass meets tomorrow’s demands with transformative thermal insulating power and an R-14 value. This glass insulates like a wall to bring game-changing performance to restored buildings and new construction projects. Guardian Vacuum IG glass restores efficiency, shrinks HVAC and exceeds LEED® to outperform every expectation.


Up to 70% light transmission

Thermal insulation

Performance as high as R-14

Design options

Float and framing options from Guardian Glass

Safety & security

Tempered, laminated or both

Sound control

Controls sound from external sources

Easy to retrofit

For historical buildings as well as new construction

Guardian Vacuum IGTM - Challenge Accepted

New technology

The revolutionary design of Guardian Vacuum IG glass takes two glass panes and seals them airtight. A vacuum is created in the 0.3 mm gap between two panes—preventing heat transfer and achieving thermal insulation up to R-14.

Vacuum IG (thermal image)
Traditional windows (thermal image)

New energy efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about one-third of buildings’ heating and cooling escapes through openings. Guardian Vacuum IG glass can take back America’s energy loss through windows that insulate like a wall.

New performance

With Guardian Vacuum IG glass, you’ll be amazed at how much better your building will perform. Amplify light and comfort in existing structures, and insulate your way to smaller systems.

VIG Hybrid

New possibilities

Guardian Vacuum IG glass is revolutionary while sharing many capabilities with traditional glass. It can be tempered and meet codes for a variety of building types.

Case Study - Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University: User Experience

Eastern Michigan University: Installer Perspective

The performance values shown are nominal and subject to variations due to manufacturing tolerances. Guardian performance data are calculated for center-of-glass only (no spacer or framing) in accordance with the LBNL Window 7 program. Guardian reserves the right to change product performance characteristics without obligation or notice.