Hurricane-rated Glass

It is important to note that glass is only a component of the overall configuration that meets hurricane-resistant codes. Many other components contribute to the performance of the glazing, such as frame, silicone, anchorage, hardware, etc. Thus, the complete glazing system must meet the specified hurricane test protocol to be considered a certified hurricane-resistant product.

Guardian offers a variety of SunGuard® coated glass products that can be laminated that meet hurricane codes when installed into an approved glazing system. For more information, contact a Guardian Architectural Design Manager in your area.

The coastal areas of North America have begun adopting “hurricane codes” to help prevent catastrophic building failure during hurricane conditions. Initially, Dade County, Florida, enacted requirements that have been used as a model for other areas such as Texas and the Gulf Coast, as well as up the Atlantic Seaboard. The codes may vary regionally, so design professionals are encouraged to research the local municipality codes when beginning new projects.