Vacuum IG

Glass that insulates like a wall

Guardian Vacuum IG™ breaks through today’s expectations for glass performance and meets tomorrow’s demands for energy efficiency. Guardian Vacuum IG not only helps your project meet stringent codes but moves the planet forward reining in energy use.

  • Up to 70% light transmission
  • Thermal insulation as high as R-14
  • Float and framing design choices from Guardian Glass
  • Safety & security: Tempered, laminated or both
  • Sound control: Controls sound from external sources
  • Easy to retrofit: For historical buildings as well as new construction

Thermal insulation

Achieving R-14 performance

Vacuum IG's revolutionary design takes two glass panes and seals them airtight. A vacuum is created in the space between two panes. With no air or gas between the panes, heat has no medium by which to transfer. The Vacuum IG design, along with Guardian low-E coatings, can achieve thermal insulation performance as high as R-14.

Retrofit and new construction

Seeing is believing

You'll be amazed at how much better your building will look and perform. Replace single pane or tinted glass in older buildings for a refreshed exterior, enhance daylighting and energy savings. New construction projects can use Vacuum IG to reduce their peak energy demand, which may shrink HVAC and other building infrastructure requirements.

Case Study - Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University: User Experience

Eastern Michigan University: Installer Perspective

Be a part of state of the art

See how Guardian Vacuum IG can enhance the efficiency and beauty of your project.

The performance values shown are nominal and subject to variations due to manufacturing tolerances. Guardian performance data are calculated for center-of-glass only (no spacer or framing) in accordance with the LBNL Window 7 program. Guardian reserves the right to change product performance characteristics without obligation or notice.