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122 Leadenhall - 'The Cheesegrater'

The 75,000 square metres façade features a curtain wall that is double glazed to allow for a high solar protection on neutral-looking glass.

Fruit and Wool Exchange

The new-build façades are predominately brick-faced, with punched windows to reflect the surrounding context.

Caudwell International

Curved glass, punch windows and precast stone panels make up the envelope on a figure-of-eight footprint.

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Glass Analytics

A leader in tools for the glass industry

Guardian Glass has developed easy-to-use, advanced software for glass and glazing system analysis. Glass Analytics online tools offer a comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical reports that demonstrate the advantages of high-performance glass in building facades. Read more about the tools below, or register and start using Glass Analytics now.

Performance calculator

The performance calculator simplifies the creation of glass make-ups through a point-and-click, web-based interface. Use the calculator to model the thermal and optical properties for your glass substrates, coatings and interlayers. Then easily create client-ready reports comparing glass options.

Performance calculator

Guardian glass visualizer

The Guardian Glass visualizer dynamically generates photo-realistic images of both exterior and interior glazing views. Evaluate the aesthetic properties of virtually any glass makeup - just choose the glass you want to visualize, select the building and perspective that suits you, and see how different sky conditions affect the appearance of the glass.

Guardian glass visualizer

Guardian BIM generator

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) generator tool can create bespoke BIM objects for your specific product formulations. This allows for more detailed and accurate appearance and performance details across your projects, with no additional work required.

Guardian BIM generator

Acoustic assistant

The Guardian acoustic assistant is a tool to estimate acoustic performance of different types of glazing. User's have the option to estimate the acoutic performance of glazing, find glazing solutions for an acoustic performance, or directly access/view the acoustic performance table.

Acoustic assistant
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