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Styles change.
But ShowerGuard® glass
stays beautiful for life.


Unlike standard shower glass, ShowerGuard glass has a permanent protective layer bonded to the surface when it’s made – so residue can’t penetrate and cause corrosion and lasting discoloration. That’s why ShowerGuard glass comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Your new shower
deserves ShowerGuard glass


ShowerGuard glass has a permanent, protective surface layer.


Which makes it smoother and more resilient than standard glass.


Impurities, like limescale and soap residue,
can’t embed.


So ShowerGuard glass stays beautiful for life.

ShowerGuard glass stops
corrosion before it starts




standard shower glass doesn't last

Seen microscopically, standard shower glass is porous and open to corrosion. 

Impurities in the water, like limescale and dirt, can become embedded in the pores and are almost impossible to remove, no matter how hard you clean. 

They then corrode and permanently discolor the glass, causing it to ‘fog’ – which in a bathroom’s high humidity can happen quickly. 

Protective films or spray-on sealants will only help for a limited time as they also degrade and often require specialist cleaners.

ShowerGuard glass stays beautiful

ShowerGuard glass has an advanced, permanent layer bonded to the glass when it’s made. 

This ensures the surface is smooth, even microscopically, so impurities can’t embed to cause corrosion and lasting discoloration. 

The patented layer doesn’t degrade – which is why ShowerGuard glass comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Standard glass magnified
Standard glass is porous, so impurities become embedded and cause corrosion.


ShowerGuard glass magnified
ShowerGuard glass is smoother and non-porous, so impurities can’t embed.

Clearer glass, brighter bathroom

ShowerGuard glass is available as either a Guardian Clear or Guardian UltraClear® option. Both deliver the same ShowerGuard glass protection, but the Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass is more transparent – which means it enhances clarity, helps boost light levels and maximizes the impact of your tile design.

Lifetime Warranty

ShowerGuard outperforms in tests

In recent tests, ShowerGuard glass showed no signs of corrosion after 9 months of regular exposure to hard water. Competing spray-on products showed between 40 and 85% corrosion over 3 to 9 months.


Make your dream bathroom a reality

Purchase a shower enclosure with ShowerGuard glass from a registered ShowerGuard glass dealer and you’ll receive a $25 rebate. They can also help you to register for the Limited Lifetime Warranty.<br /><br /><a href="/us/en/our-glass/showerguard/warranty/rebate" style="color: #38c7ba; font-weight: strong">Claim your rebate ></a>


Find a dealer to get started

To find a trusted dealership near you simply enter your ZIP. ShowerGuard glass is available in varied thicknesses, and your dealer can help you choose between them:

Guardian UltraClear® -10mm and 12mm
Guardian Clear -6mm, 10mm and 12mm

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