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SunGuard® Double Silver

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SunGuard® Double Silver

SunGuard® Double Silver glass offers a winning balance of natural light transmission, solar protection and thermal insulation. All combined with a striking visual aesthetic. Helping to make living environments more comfortable and inspiring.

Light, insulation and aesthetics in one

SunGuard Double Silver glass combines advanced solar and low-e technology to offer natural light transmission, solar control and thermal insulation – in a choice of aesthetic finishes. This could reduce reliance on artificial lighting to help make living spaces calmer and more pleasant.

Low reflection, more contemplation

The glass also offers low internal and external reflections, for clearer views and a striking exterior aesthetic to relax and inspire.

Low reflection, more contemplation

All the performance in a range of looks

A wide choice of options and colors only add to the aesthetic appeal.

All the performance in a range of looks
SunGuard Double Silver
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