Triple-glazed glass from Guardian Glass can already be specified to meet the ultra-efficient, uber-stringent requirements of Germany’s Passivhaus Window Standard. The Passivhaus Standard is used to design and build properties with little or no dependence on space heating, no air conditioning, no thermal bridges and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

The Passivhaus design requires an ultra-low window U value that can maintain less than a 4°C difference in temperature between the inner pane of the glass unit and the ambient room temperature. Passivhaus also has a solar heat gain target of around 43% for the whole building.

Guardian Glass offers products with high light transmission, which means that a lot less light is lost through the triple-glazed windows, helping to keep the property light and bright, as well as exceptionally thermally insulated. With government targets set to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, the Passivhaus window may well be the window of the future.

Glass products designed for Passivhaus

ClimaGuard® coated glass products help homes and buildings meet the rigorous Passivhaus standards.

Guardian Sustainability Calculator

Guardian offers design professionals an exclusive Sustainability Calculator to help evaluate and document environmental performance during the project design phase. Find a SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass product, or other Guardian Glass products, to help your project achieve LEED certification.