Technical library

Technical Library

Our vast Technical Library provides accurate, detailed technical information to allow you to choose the right glass or glazing solution for your project. The Technical Library includes information on the types of glass products available, their performance capabilities, glazing procedures, as well as advice and guidance on correct handling and maintenance of glass.

The Technical Library contains detailed information on a variety of glass-related topics, including: glass breakage and common causes; annealed glass; care and handling; certifications and standards (national, regional and local building codes/standards); common glass configurations; condensation control; minimum and maximum glass sizes; glazing guidelines; heat-soaking; heat strengthened glass; insulating glass; laminated glass; Moire patterns; properties of glass; spacers; spandrel glass; strain patterns (quench marks); tempered glass; thermal breakage; wind load and much more.

Although our Technical Library provides a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips, help is always at hand, wherever you are and whatever your glass or glazing challenge may be. If you need help in choosing or specifying a Guardian Glass product we have the right people on hand to quickly help you find the right glass and solution for your project.

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Technical Library

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