See what's possible™

See what's possible™

Whether you want to solve a practical problem or challenge architectural conventions, Guardian Glass is ready to help you see what’s possible. As a leader in the glass industry, we are ready to embrace a future where glass will play an even greater part of what the world builds.


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As an unstoppable force in the glass industry, we are constantly launching new products, attending trade events, advancing glass technologies and working with architects and our partners to clad groundbreaking buildings.


Yapı Kredi Art & Culture Center

Located right at the heart of Istanbul in Galatasaray Square, the central point of İstiklal Street lying between Tunnel and Taksim Square, the Yapı Kredi Cultural Art Complex has been reopened, and although the building is new, it has been renovated as an alternation of the original design made by Paul Schmitthener in 1958. Thanks to GuardianClarity™ – a featured product from Guardian Glass – being preferred in the renovation of the spectacular facade of the building that has brought culture and art lovers back to the area with the signature of Teget Architecture, visitors of the building get to experience the atmosphere of Pera at its maximum transparency.

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Whether your customers are building new homes or replacing existing windows, Guardian wants to help you give them the appearance, comfort and energy efficiency they expect from today’s windows.


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We presented the selection criteria for coated glass in today's facade in Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecure.