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Performance and energy efficiency

Understand how glass can influence a building's energy and acoustic performance

Applications of glass

Whether you need glass for facades, interiors, homes, or specific applications, we have a solution

Which glass is right

See how the right glass can help improve your quality of life and the beauty of your home

Understand glass

Learn more about glass and what you can do with it.

Design with glass

There’s almost no limit to what you can create with glass.

Build with glass

Glass is the ultimate building element, and can be tailored to each project.

Glass for your home

We’re helping glass inspire more homes than ever before.

BNL-BNP Paribas

Due to the clever structural glazing, the aesthetics are visually appealing, reflecting the building’s surroundings on all sides.

cube berlin

Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs.


Nobu Hotel Warsaw embraces the city’s charisma to create a genuinely unique, stunning structure in this cultural hub.

Our story

Just as we were in 1932, we're ready to meet the challenges of now and the future


Find out more about how glass can support sustainable design

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We strive for quality in everything we do

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Glass Analytics

Access our comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical tools

BIM objects

Download and use our standardized Guardian BIM content to create project specific BIM files

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For anyone who is interested in learning more about glass and its use

Career opportunities


A part of something more

As part of one of the world’s largest private companies (Koch Industries) Guardian Glass is changing the way people think about glass by finding new ways to create larger, clearer, more energy-efficient and more technologically advanced solutions. At the heart of this is our people – it’s their intelligence, character and spirit that enables us to innovate. They know that when you believe in possibilities, barriers are broken down. 

Our people are our most important asset

Guardian Glass offers every employee the tools and resources to succeed – and a culture that values integrity, compliance and value creation. There is no single path to success, but those who work hard and take the initiative will find plenty of opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their role and responsibilities.

Our people are our most important asset

A culture based on our Guiding Principles

No matter what your role in Guardian Glass, you can make the company better. Because our growth and success is not one group’s responsibility, it’s everyone’s.

A culture based on our Guiding Principles

A global team as trusted as our glass

Guardian Glass helps create value for customers in one of the world’s most vital industries. We build trust and create growth by focusing on product and service excellence. This is supported by our belief in teamwork and willingness to challenge the status quo. A proven approach that helps strengthen the bonds between us and our customers.

A global team as trusted as our glass

Touch the sky

Joining us is about much more than collecting a paycheck. It’s about taking pride in creating products that can improve people’s lives. You’ll witness landmark buildings heading skyward, help retailers become more successful and help make homes more energy efficient and comfortable. And your contribution will help make it happen.

Touch the sky

Say goodbye to the status quo

Whether measuring success in nanometers or tons, Guardian Glass is working harder every single day to achieve more. Dedicated design and technical service managers are working to predict the latest trends in color and design. Scientists and collaborators are developing ways to integrate glass into broader building systems. Operations teams are striving to complete projects faster, with less waste. Our goal is to constantly push the boundaries of glass with new technology and a firm belief in collaboration and discovery.

Say goodbye to the status quo