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Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic

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Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic

Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic is a laminated glass with an advanced interlayer that delivers significantly improved sound insulation compared to standard laminated glass.

The difference is what you can't hear

Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic glass offers incredible sound insulation. Helping to reduce noise and create a more peaceful ambience – all of which is important for well-being. It could be traffic, neighbors, construction or airports, LamiGlass® Acoustic glass offers protection against noise at all frequencies due to a special sound-absorbing interlayer.

Enhanced security and UV protection

In addition to its acoustic performance, Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic offers the further benefits of laminated glass. Including enhanced security and UV protection.

Enhanced security and UV protection

Tranquility where it’s needed most

Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic can be used in a wide range of applications, from residential housing to public buildings like airports, hospitals, hotels and educational facilities. Anywhere noise could affect comfort.

Tranquility where it’s needed most
Guardian LamiGlass Acoustic
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