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Due to the clever structural glazing, the aesthetics are visually appealing, reflecting the building’s surroundings on all sides.

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Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs.


Nobu Hotel Warsaw embraces the city’s charisma to create a genuinely unique, stunning structure in this cultural hub.

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Architectural glass

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Due to the various properties of architectural glass, there is almost no limit to making your design ideas come to life. From a curved, highly transparent structural facade or curtain wall, to huge colored glass surfaces, architectural glass can help you meet your aesthetic challenges and the energy performance you require for your project.

What are the properties of architectural glass?

Architects have the freedom to create visually stunning glazed facades by reflecting the surroundings or by showing more of what’s happening inside a building. In terms of energy performance, the reflection of solar energy and the intensity of thermal insulation are impacted by architectural glazing.

The energy efficiency of modern architectural glazing can allow you to create large glazed areas that help connect building occupants with the outdoors and provide more natural daylight for interior spaces, which can be beneficial for their visual comfort and wellbeing.

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In terms of aesthetics, with such a wide range of high quality architectural glass products now available, architects  can push the limits of what is possible in their projects. There are so many possibilities and glass options to choose from, designers can meet the design intent, while keeping up with the latest design trends.

Oversized glazing and curved glass provide innovative possibilities for you to create something unique, in the size and shape you desire. From neutral to more colored glass, designers can create visually stunning, eye-catching facades. Architectural glass can also offer various levels of reflectivity, from low reflectivity to help integrate the building with its environment, to highly reflective glass that creates a bold statement or changes a building’s appearance depending on the time of day and the weather. 

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Environmnetal stewardship

Architectural glass is playing an increasingly important role in contributing to more sustainable, energy efficient buildings. Advanced glazing solutions can achieve very high levels of energy performance and help reduce operational carbon emissions.

We are working to continuously improve our products and are researching innovative methods to help minimize the impact that glazing solutions have on the environment and throughout the lifecycle.

To add to this, Guardian products can help customers achieve environmental building certifications such as LEED® or BREEAM® and reduce energy costs during a building’s lifetime.

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Thermal insulation

Changing temperatures during the day, between different seasons and across different climates, make it difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Thermal insulating architectural glass welcomes natural light into a room, while helping to reduce the negative effects of cold outside temperatures. The glass reflects heat back into the room to keep inside.

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Solar control

Solar control architectural glass can help reduce the ‘greenhouse effect’ that occurs in summer as rooms heat up to the point that they become unpleasant to be in. Indoor spaces can become brighter and cooler, while uncomfortable glare from the sun can be filtered out.

Our architectural glass products:

Our range of architectural glazing products can provide solar control, light transmission, and thermal insulation properties in a wide range of colors and appearances to help accommodate many applications.


Want to know more about architectural glazing?

Guardian Glass offers you a wealth of technical notes, tools and online learning to enhance your knowledge about glass and help you specify the most appropriate architectural glazing for your project. Connect to the Resource Hub to learn more!


Applications and uses of architectural glass

The applications for architectural glazing are wide ranging. From windows and curtain walls to roofs and skylights, in fact, any application where glazing is a physical barrier between the inside and outside of a building, architectural glass can be considered.

Cube Berlin

Curtain walls

Acting as a non-structural, outer covering of a building, a curtain wall made from architectural glazing can provide high natural daylight, thermal comfort while meeting the  desired appearance (e.g. color, reflectivity, transparency).

Cube Berlin

Curved glazing

Architectural glass solutions have been developed that withstand the bending process without affecting the visual appearance of the glass. These solutions open new design possibilities while still providing the required thermal and solar performance to contribute to the energy efficiency of the building.

Cube Berlin


Designs that call for large areas of glass such as curtain walls or structural glazing often include spandrels, which is opaque glass that conceals structural building components such as columns, floors, HVAC systems and vents, preventing these from being visible from the exterior of the building. Depending on the design, the spandrel appearance may match the vision glass or complement it.

Bird Friendly Glazing

Bird friendly glazing

Each year, millions of birds accidentally fly into glass windows, doors and facades, with many of these collisions being fatal. This, and more stringent building requirements around the world, mean that architects are now looking for glass solutions that are safer and which help reduce the risk of bird collisions, while still providing the aesthetic and performance attributes that their projects require.

Some of our eye-catching projects made possible thanks to Guardian architectural glass

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Why choose Guardian Glass?

Guardian Glass are experts in the creation and application of glass – constantly developing new glass technologies and techniques to deliver performance glass solutions all around the world. We work hand in hand with our partners and customers across the supply chain to help meet your design requirements. In other words, when it comes to glass, we help you see what’s possible.


Our architectural product solutions:

Need to compare the performance of our products? Visit our product section to search, compare and filter through our wide range of glass solutions.

  • SunGuard® eXtraSelective

    SunGuard® eXtraSelective

    SunGuard® eXtraSelective is our latest commercial range of triple silver solar control glass with world-class selectivity, which means it delivers an optimum ratio of natural light transmission to solar energy control.

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  • SunGuard® SuperNeutral

    SunGuard® SuperNeutral

    SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ is our commercial range of double silver coated glass, ideal for those seeking high-performance with a highly neutral aesthetic. Its superb natural light transmission, solar protection and thermal insulation make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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  • SunGuard® High Performance

    SunGuard® High Performance

    SunGuard® High Performance is our commercial range of single silver coated glass, which not only offers high solar control but also design flexibility and good levels of thermal insulation.

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  • SunGuard® Solar

    SunGuard® Solar

    SunGuard® Solar is a commercial solar control glass that helps to reflect the sun’s energy. Making it ideal for applications when excessive solar heat gain could result in uncomfortable living environments. Its reflective qualities can also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

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  • SunGuard® High Durable

    SunGuard® High Durable

    SunGuard® High Durable is a highly robust solar control glass, that also offers optical transparency as well as enhanced energy performance. Making solar control possible across more applications.

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