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Building Regulations

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Glass for new builds, refurbishments and basic glazing replacements must comply with the relevant Building Regulations. 

Wherever glass is used in buildings, whether it’s for a new build, a refurbishment or a basic glazing replacement, the way the glass is designed, supplied and installed must comply with Building Regulations. These are set to ensure that the application and use of glass is safe and/or energy efficient.  

There are many different building regulations to adhere to, which define the right glass and glazing for its given intention. Ensuring that the right glass is used is the responsibility of the end user. For example, having your windows replaced in your home means that the glazing must comply with many building regulation requirements, ensuring safety where applicable and energy efficiency. Ensuring that building control is informed of the change is vital and should be kept on record to identify that compliance is met if you should decide to sell or move on from your home. Insufficient evidence of Building Regulation compliance could leave you in a difficult position when it comes to selling your house. 

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