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SN 60 T

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SunGuard® SuperNeutral
SN 60 T
Light without the heat

Architects and building owners want high performance coated glass products that deliver abundant natural light combined with energy savings and solar protection. The Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral® (SN) range meets these requirements. These multi-functional coatings offer high selectivity solar protection on a neutral-looking glass (including neutral blue) for a wide range of applications such as fully glazed facades, roof glazing and large framed windows.

Product information
    • Clear 3-12 mm
    • Facades
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Curtain Walls
    • Roofs
Manufacturing Options
    • Laminated
    • Heat Strengthened
    • Annealed
    • HT versions
    • TPF (Temporary Protective Film) for processing prior to tempering
Recommended Coating Positions
    • Surface 2
Maximum Size
    • <3210x6000mm
Edge Deletion
    • Yes
Glass Type
    • Single Silver Coated Glass
Glass Functions
    • Solar Control Thermal Insulation
Fabrication Options
    • Must be used in Insulating Glass Units
    • Neutral

Visual Appearance

Use the Glass Visualizer to get an introductory understanding of how glass will appear in use. Use the Glass Analytics tools to explore even more options for color and performance.

Choose an option
There is only one substrate available for this product


This tool intended to represent the reflected/transmitted color ; however, glass color cannot be accurately portrayed online. Please see color disclaimer at bottom of the page.

Original Image
Modified Image

You need more information and additional mockups? Consult our Glass Visualizer Tool:

Calculate Performance Values & Generate BIM Files
Generate product performance data for custom glass make-ups and create detailed BIM object files for your project

Performance data

The glazing make-up suggestions below are pre-defined to provide examples of commonly used combinations of products. There are many other glass combinations available at Glass Analytics.



GLASS: Clear Float (Middle East) Glass, 5mm (2-SunGuard® SN 60 T (Middle East))

GAP: 10% Air, 90% Argon 12.0mm

GLASS: Clear Float (Middle East) Glass, 5mm

Calculated Values are in accordance with NFRC 2010

Performance Values

Visible Light
Transmittance (τv)
61 %
Reflectance outside (ρv)
14 %
Reflectance inside (ρv)
14 %
General Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Transmittance UV (τuv)
21 %
Solar Energy
Solar transmittance (τe)
28 %
Reflectance outside (ρe)
41 %
Reflectance inside (ρe)
40 %
Solar absorptance (αe)
31 %
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
Shading Coefficient (sc)
Thermal properties
Winter night U-Value
1.348 W/m²·K
Summer day U-value
1.242 W/m²·K
Light to Solar Gain
Light to Solar Gain (LSG)
Performance Calculations
With the performance calculator, you can quickly calculate the performance data that matches your own glazing make-up
  • 1 Pane
  • 2 calculation format
  • 3 Results
  • 1 Outer Pane
  • 2 Inner Pane
  • 3 cavity
  • 4 calculation format
  • 5 Results
  • 1 Outer Pane
  • 2 Middle Pane
  • 3 Inner Pane
  • 4 cavity
  • 5 calculation format
  • 6 Results

Choose a glazing

  • Monolithic

    Not available for this product

  • Double

    Not available for this product

  • Triple

    Not available for this product


Monolithic Laminated

Double Glazed

Double Outer pane Laminated

Double Inner pane Laminated

Double Inner and Outer pane Laminated

Triple Glazed

Triple Outer pane Laminated

Triple Inner pane Laminated

Triple Inner and Outer pane Laminated

Outer Pane

There is only one substrate available for this product.
There is only one Interlayer available for this product.
There is only one substrate available for this product.
There is only one thickness available, to calculate other thickness' please go to Glass Analytics
Glass thickness are symetrical and represent the glass to be laminated
There is only one coating available
There is only one coating available
There is only one coating available
There is only one coating available

Choose your calculation format

There is only one calculation standard available
There is only one unit available for this calculation standard


Calculated Values are in accordance with

Performance Values

What should i know about performance values?

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Performance Data is not currently available for this glass make-up, please launch a new simulation or go to Glass Analytics to configure performance data for your required glass make-up.

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Can’t find the glass make-up you are looking for? Go to Glass Analytics for more detailed configurations:

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