Glass balustrades, barriers and partitions

Glass balustrades, barriers and partitions add a stylish, open plan feel to your home

Glass can be safely used for balustrades, barriers, balconies and partitions in a home, bringing natural light into open spaces in any interior.

Glass allows light to pass through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a natural source of daylight.

By introducing natural daylight through the core of a building, glass balustrades, barriers and partitions can open up a living space, but also allow for quiet or semi-private areas for games and studies or office alcoves.

Our Balustrade, Barrier and Partition Solutions

Guardian Glass offers a wide range of glass products for residential balustrades, balconies, partitions and barriers, including anti-reflective glass (Guardian Clarity™), two-way mirrors for TV/digital displays (Guardian Dielectric Mirror), clear or coloured laminated glass for safety and security (Guardian LamiGlass® and Guardian LamiGlass® Colour), laminated glass for sound control (Guardian LamiGlass® Sound Control), acid-etched translucent glass (Guardian SatinDeco®) and laminated translucent glass with a range of coloured interlayers (Guardian SatinDeco® LamiGlass Colour).


ClimaGuard® Dry

Anti-condensation glass used as the outer pane of a insulated double or triple glazed unit

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