Guardian UltraClear®


Guardian UltraClear®

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Guardian UltraClear® is a low iron base glass that delivers an incredible viewing experience. Thanks to its great stability and its incomparable aesthetics, it can be used for any application. Used with Guardian Clarity™, it enables outstanding performances and allows a reduced reflection – up to 0.7%.


The residual colour of Guardian UltraClear® is a very crisp, brilliant neutrality, making it the perfect choice for high performance glass projects. With a light transmission over 91% and an iron level of under 100ppm (0.01%), it is one of the best base glass products for residential, architectural and specialty applications.


In applications that require safety glass, such as high-end retail or stadiums, Guardian UltraClear® can be tempered or heat strengthened by a Guardian Glass certified glass processor.


Guardian UltraClear® is available in multiple sizes, from 2 to 15mm and up to 7.8m. It can be laminated, coated, painted, silk-screened, curved… making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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Whether you’re creating an exterior façade, an interior display case or another application, Guardian UltraClear® low-iron float glass offers crystal clarity. It also allows you to transmit as much light as possible without the heat, and it leaves the green tones behind.