Commercial application:

Glass façades

The fine art of first impressions

A glass façade for a commercial building or retail storefront should provide the best possible performance combined with the most appealing aesthetics. The variety of glass available for façades allows architects and designers to control every aspect of performance, from thermal and solar control to security, colour and the overall design statement of the building.


Everything you need to make the right statement

The aesthetics of a glass façade is a complex matter that involves levels of internal and external reflection, visible light transmission, selectivity, colour and understanding different light conditions. Guardian Glass has a robust portfolio of glass products that meets the demands of modern architecture by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in glass façade applications. The fundamental need to make insulating glass units seem invisible can now be met – even for façades that are curved.

Guardian Clarity™ for facades

Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass gives architects more freedom to create buildings that stand out – by increasing visibility at ground level or by creating a standout feature as part of a premium glass façade.

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