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Beyond the ordinary. Enhanced Guardian UltraMirror

Not all mirrors are the same. Produced by one of the most respected glass companies in the world, enhanced Guardian UltraMirror offers outstanding purity, precision, brilliance, durability and corrosion resistance. 

Guardian Glass creates amazing mirrored environments, from the world's largest mirrored building, the Maraya Concert Hall, to beautiful home interiors with Guardian UltraMirror.

What makes enhanced
Guardian UltraMirror so special?


Pure, smooth glass and silver surfaces that are free from imperfections create truer reflections. The new production process for Guardian UltraMirror helps ensure the accurate application, curing and final testing of both the silver reflective surface and the glass. Such stringent processes also help maintain a uniform silver layer – for truer reflections from any angle.



The thick glass of Guardian UltraMirror produces a flat surface that helps minimize warping and distortion to produce a true and even reflection. The larger the mirror, the more this can be a problem, but as Guardian UltraMirror has been supplied in many large formats you can be confident it’ll perform well in almost any setting.


The uniform silver reflective surface and high quality base glass of Guardian UltraMirror mean the reflection is relayed back evenly. This creates a bright, crisp, consistent image which can improve light conditions so that a space feels lighter and larger. 


Guardian UltraMirror is highly durable and corrosion resistant – tested in the harsh and dry conditions of the desert and the high humidity of a bathroom. The silver coating has a double protection layer that helps prevent corrosion, bubbling and color distortion, which is why we also offer a 10-year warranty.

Environmental stewardship

We communicate transparently about Guardian UltraMirror’s environmental performance – the product is covered by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 

10 Year Warranty Logo

Guardian UltraMirror has outperformed standard mirrors in many accelerated tests – including humidity, salt fog, ferric chloride, ammonia and copper accelerated salt spray (CAAS) tests. This is why we offer a 10-year limited warranty. 

Design flexibility

Whatever your design ideas, Guardian UltraMirror can match them. From bathrooms to bedrooms, feature walls to furniture, gymnasiums to restaurants, UltraMirror can be adapted to size easily at your local dealership and each pane can measure up to 3.6 metres by 2.55 metres.

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For mirror processors and dealerships

Guardian UltraMirror can be made to many different size and shape requirements and, as it’s produced in the region, lead times could also be reduced. Identify your closest supplier in the locator tool above to find out more.

UltraMirror Photograph

The durable protective backing of Guardian UltraMirror has been tested with many silicone adhesives and they don’t degrade the mirror or cause darker patches on the reflective side. For a full list of recommended adhesives simply download the installation and processing guidelines.

For any further trade enquiries please speak to our expert sales team, who will be happy to assist.

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