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Environmental Stewardship

We pride ourselves on being solution providers, especially in the context of environmental stewardship, which involves considering each stage of the life cycle – from the sourcing of raw materials for each product, through to its production,  application and end-of-life. Our approach to environmental stewardship is twofold – we strive to discover new and innovative technologies that improve both the environmental performance and effectiveness of our manufacturing processes and of our products. 


Stewardship in action:
explore the life cycle of glass

We also partner with glass fabricators and processors, architects, designers and suppliers, to create products and services that help meet their needs and project goals. We communicate information about the life cycle environmental impact and material health of our products as it becomes available.

As highlighted in our environmental priorities, we always strive to innovate and provide solutions that are a win-win-win for our customers, the environment, and society. And to truly be transformative in this space, we look to partner with suppliers, customers, and other key partners who share our vision.

Recycled glass content

We’re committed to improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes and reducing our use of resources. One way to achieve these is to maximize the amount of glass cullet used.

Cullet Recycling

Cullet is broken or rejected glass which can be reprocessed – saving resources such as sand, soda ash and limestone. Having already been through the mineralization process, cullet melts at a much lower temperature than the raw materials, so the more cullet used, the more energy efficient the process. In fact, energy demand is reduced by approximately 3% for every 10% of cullet, and because less energy and fewer raw materials are used, this also reduces CO2 emissions. 

Recycled glass content

Retrofitting the future

Retrofitting existing buildings, instead of constructing new ones, is now acknowledged to be a viable approach in reducing the resources used during a building’s construction.

Retrofitting the future

Guardian’s high-performance glass can play an important role in this, and the Castellana 77 building in Madrid, Spain is one such example. Its restoration features a new façade of Guardian SunGuard® high selectivity glass, and the modern, inspiring and practical design also has added solar protection via shading fins. Castellana 77 is regarded as a leading example in energy efficiency and environmental design, and has received the prestigious LEED® Platinum certification. 

“The goal was to update the building, resulting in a property that is both flexible and sustainable”. Luis Vidal, Founder, luis vidal + architects 

Retrofitting the future

Glass innovation

Our architectural glass products have been contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings for many years and we continue to innovate at every opportunity – for residential and commercial projects. 

Glass innovation

Guardian ClimaGuard®, for example, is a residential low-emissivity (low-E) glass that helps keep homes comfortable in different environments – by helping retain the interior heat in colder climates and reduce solar heat gain in hotter climates. For commercial construction, the Guardian SunGuard® range also utilizes low-E coating technology for superior solar control and energy performance. All of which helps architects and designers to comply with important regional codes and standards, and regional certifications around the world such as LEED®, BREEAM and WELL.

Glass innovation

Certifications, declarations and other programs

To support the sustainability goals of architects and designers, Guardian Glass offers several certifications, declarations and other documents to communicate transparent information about the life-cycle environmental impact of many of our products. 

Certifications, declarations, other programs

These programs help our partners meet increasingly stringent building codes, standards and certification schemes.  Examples include: 

Lastly, we’re proud to introduce our LEED® Green Associates™, in association with Green Building Certificate Inc (GBCI). Through rigorous certification and professional credentialing programs, GBCI drives the adoption of green building and business practices globally. Our new, dedicated associates have the latest knowledge about these building principles and practices – offering you expert support to help you meet specific LEED® requirements.

Certifications, declarations and other programs

Inspiring Projects

Each project has unique challenges, but these can be overcome by investigating and identifying the glazing solutions together. Find out how here .

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SABIC Home of Innovation™

Solar control glass supports a first for residential buildings in the Middle East: LEED® Platinum Certification.

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Visa office in Dubai

The "workplace of the future" building selects Guardian SunGuard™ solar control glass to help deliver energy efficiency.

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asalah brochure aug 17 v10

The Asala Al Juwan Villas, Riyadh

Achieving a natural harmony with high performance low-E glass.


Specify glass to help with energy efficiency

Our Resource Hub can help you understand how glass can contribute to energy-saving construction. It's home to a whole suite of helpful online tools and resources, such as glass analytics and specification tools, a comprehensive resource library and e-learning courses. 




We can help your projects reach their full potential. Find out how here. 

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LEED Certification

Find out how our advanced high performance glass can help you earn LEED points for your project.

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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Our flat glass and processed glass products, including low-E coated glass, have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), giving you clarity on their environmental impact. 

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The DIme

How glass can contribute to more energy efficient buildings

As part of an architect’s overall solution, glass is surprisingly flexible, and can help meet the most challenging projects and contribute to more energy efficient builds.

Learn more about how Guardian Glass is putting Stewardship in action across our global footprint.

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