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Damac Towers by Paramount

Glass helps set the scene for a comfortable stay in Dubai

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174,000 square meters of Guardian SunGuard solar control glass and Guardian ClimaGuard low-E glass for the tallest building in the world

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Glass helps provide quality living, and unique residential communities for Saudi citizens

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The Iset Tower is a 52-story skyscraper in Yekaterinburg-City. It is the tallest building in Yekaterinburg, and the tallest building in Russia that is outside of the capital city of Moscow. 
The Iset Tower is named after the Iset River, which goes through central Yekaterinburg.
The product - ClimaGuard NT

A strong belief in Stewardship

At Guardian Glass we help improve lives by providing glass products and services people value more highly than their alternatives. We experiment and innovate to responsibly create more value while consuming fewer resources. As a Koch company, our commitment is articulated in our Stewardship Framework and Vision.

We always put safety first and ensure that we act with proper regard for the rights of others, drive environmental excellence and comply with all laws and regulations. We also believe in people and seek a system of equal rights and mutual benefit, where individuals succeed by helping others succeed and where people are empowered to improve their lives and their communities. 

Stewardship is not a new priority for Guardian and is embedded in our company culture. Our approach to stewardship focuses on action rather than simply communicating aspirations – what we can do today to help create a better tomorrow. To learn more about how Guardian and our sister companies approach these actions, visit the Koch Newsroom.

Guided by this Vision, we work with our customers, employees, suppliers, and other key partners to find ways to meet their unmet needs, grow our business, and help drive the success of the communities we operate in.


Environmental Stewardship

From designing architectural glass products that help improve a building’s energy efficiency, to recycling glass cullet to help our customers meet their carbon reduction objectives, we’re focused on using fewer resources, minimizing waste and improving the overall environmental performance of our products across their entire lifecycle.

Environmental Stewardship

Social Stewardship

Our commitment to social stewardship means creating an environment where employees can learn and thrive. It starts with a workplace that is safe – and one that recognizes each employee’s uniqueness so we can design roles that enable them to self-actualize. We strive for an inclusive workplace where diverse perspectives are shared freely, and every person is treated with dignity and respect. And it incorporates the broader community where we live and work.

Social Stewardship


We are committed to conducting all our affairs with integrity and in full compliance with the law wherever we operate – as outlined in our Code of Conduct and our business management framework, Principle Based Management™. We create a culture of transparency and encourage employees to “Stop, Think, and Ask”. If an employee, customer, supplier or other constituent has a concern, they can leverage the GuideLine to report the incident.


Learn more about how Guardian Glass is putting Stewardship in action across our global footprint.

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