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SunGuard® Solar Plus
Metal Grey
Attractive, grey looking solar control glass that meets new South African building codes, even in monolithic applications

The latest development in the Guardian SunGuard® Solar Plus range of coated solar control glass, SunGuard® Solar Plus Metal Grey offers a highly desirable grey appearance, with a low internal and external reflection. SunGuard® Solar Plus Metal Grey combines several compelling benefits in one: good solar control, natural light transmission, yet also low emissivity winter U-value according to the South African building codes, even in monolithic applications, where the glass has been tested for its durability. SunGuard® Solar Plus Metal Grey is designed to be optimally applied on Guardian® Clear float glass, resulting in a high color rendering index for true views on the outside. The glass is available annealed or in a heat treatable version. While both versions offer similar performance, the aesthetics noticeably differ and so both versions cannot be used in the same façade. The product carries an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and is covered by a UL Product Lens™ Certification.

Product information
    • Clear
    • Facades
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Curtain Walls
    • Roofs
    • Skylights
Manufacturing Options
    • Annealed
    • Bent
    • Laminated
    • Single Product - can be heatreated or used annealed
Recommended Coating Positions
    • Surface 2 (monolithic)
    • Surface 4 (laminated)
    • Surface 2 (double)
Maximum Size
    • <3210x6000mm
Edge Deletion
    • No
Glass Type
    • Durable Coated Glass (without Silver) Low E
Glass Functions
    • Aesthetics Reduced reflection Solar Control Thermal insulation
Fabrication Options
    • Can be used Monolithic
    • Lmainated or in Insulating Glass Units
    • Neutral

Visual Appearance

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