SunGuard® High Durable Plus

Advanced performance for monolithic applications

Guardian SunGuard®High Durable (HD) glass is a high durability sputter coated solar control glass. The product provides all the optical clarity and energy performance that is traditionally associated with sputtered coatings. The durable coating is based on highly resistant materials that enable the glass to be used monolithically, only when applied on the inside surface. The handling and fabrication characteristics are comparable to any other product available for monolithic glass applications. Typical applications include the outer glass of double skin facades, ventilated glazing, spandrel panels, glass louvres and external shading fins for solar control shading purposes.

Beautiful range of vivid colours

To create the design you envision

Great solar protection

Saves on energy bills and makes interiors comfortable

High durability

Products are easy to process

Can be curved or bent

To achieve your design objectives

Can be installed monolithically

For straightforward residential or commercial applications