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Laminated, Safety & Security Glass

When the going gets tough, our glass gets tougher

When safety and security are a must, Guardian offers a wide array of performance glass products to meet your needs.

Laminated - From entrance doors and glass floors, to aquariums and display cases, laminated glass is the perfect safety solution. Two or more panes of glass are bonded together by a durable plastic interlayer, which enables the glass to strongly resist penetration by impacting objects. However, if it should break, the glass will tend to remain in its frame, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass particles.

Because of its strength and safety features, laminated glass is preferred when any of the following are required:

  • Hurricane and impact resistance
  • Protection against bombs or other explosions
  • Sound reduction
  • Protection against forced entry
  • Glass floors or stairs
  • Protection from fallout of broken glass from building facades
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Protection from "smash and grab" thefts from storefront window displays
  • Bullet resistance

ClimaGuard Residential Laminated Glass - From small accent windows to entire window walls, ClimaGuard laminated glass allows sunlight to enter the home while keeping bad weather and bad guys out.

SunGuard Advanced Architectural Laminated Glass - Most SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass can been laminated.

Tempered - Tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass because it is more resistant to breakage than normal float glass. Yet if it is broken, it usually breaks into relatively small pieces, which are less likely to cause serious injury.

ClimaGuard Residential Tempered Glass - This type of glass is intended for general glazing and safety glazing, such as sliding doors, storm doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures, interior partitions and other uses requiring superior strength and safety properties.

SunGuard Advanced Architectural Tempered Glass- Our Advanced Architectural Glass is designed so it can be tempered by our network of independent SunGuard Select Fabricators.

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For more information about Guardian Laminated and Safety glass products:

ClimaGuard Residential products

Armour-G Commercial products
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