About Us

See what's possible™

When you believe barriers can be broken,
anything is possible

We live in a time of unimaginable potential. The challenge is living up to the unending needs of the fast-paced world in which we live. At Guardian Glass, our goal is to push the boundaries of glass like never before, with new technology, collaboration and discovery. We are boldly challenging the status quo, creating beautiful environments and providing safe, durable, inspiring solutions in today’s global glass industry. We call this effort See what’s possible, and we invite our employees and customers to be part of it.

See what’s possible
is a challenge to our team

Whether we measure success in nanometers or tons, Guardian Glass is working harder every day to achieve more. Dedicated design and technical service managers are working to predict the latest trends in color, design and aesthetics. Scientists and engineers are developing ways to increase energy performance and better integrate glass into the broader building system. Operations teams are striving to get projects done faster, with less waste. We are experts who want to share your vision of the future.

See what’s possible
is an invitation to our customers

With all of Guardian’s resources around the world, we invite our customers and partners to see how they can grow with us. Whether you have a specific project you are developing, want to see how the latest technologies impact your project or have an idea that’s never been tried before, Guardian Glass is ready to help explore solutions that will bring your vision to life.

See what’s possible
is an opportunity for all of us

As an industry, the future is ours to build. Our glass enables new structures that push toward the sky and inspire those who see their designs. It lets in more light — enriching spaces and the lives of the people who occupy them. At the same time, our glass can help reduce the heating and cooling required to keep buildings comfortable. Simply put, Guardian Glass makes life around the world better.

Let’s build a stronger future together

At Guardian Glass, we are always up for a challenge. Let us help you solve your next problem and show you new ways to build using glass.