Architects and Specifiers

Glass makes it possible

Choosing the right glass for an architectural project can make the difference between nice and great.

By choosing Guardian Glass architectural glass coating products, you can drastically improve a building's aeshetic and appearance, while ensuring the best in class performance in terms of energy consumption, light transmission and heat reflection.

Glass for façades and any architectural application

Guardian Glass offers a range of high prerformance glass products for architectural projects, providing superb aesthetics, solar control, thermal insulation, low reflection, anti-glare, safety and security, sound reduction, decoration and privacy.

Whether you need glass for façades or any architectural application Guardian Glass can help you find the right glass to suit your need.

We can help you make it happen

On your next design, whether it’s a stadium or a single work of art, increase light transmission and do away with distortion and reflection. We can assist in making enveloping glass picture-perfect, no matter the angle.