Glass for Digital Signage

Media's Most Powerful Sources

Spectacular digital signage installations in public environment get the right attention – but only if their visibility is not disturbed by unwanted glare. Our range of products helps to offer the right focus to digital signages, for both emotional and functional content, and helps create real user experiences.We don’t compromise between performance and aesthetics, and neither should you. Guardian Glass offers a range of products designed to allow enhanced contrast and visibility, ideal for increased need in performance for digital signages.

Public Information Displays (PID), Digital Out-Of-HomeDisplays (DOOH), Digital Signage (DS), traffic displays, retail signs, embedded devices and biomedical displays, all desire glass that provides displays with excellent aesthetic features combined with performance attributes such as security, UV and solar protection, and ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding.

Glass that brings signs and images to life

Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective coated glass transmits a truer image with minimum reflection, enhanced contrast and wide viewing angle, making displays clearer and giving you a picture-perfect view even in demanding indoor or outdoor environments. With broad processing possibilities, printing, tempering, laminating, and even extreme bending, is possible.

Guardian Clarity™

Touch applications - best anti-sparkling product in class. Be prepared for 4K display applications.

Providing digital content with interactive features has never been so in demand as well as the performance features for a perfect cover-glass for such applications. Guardian Sense™ glass is manufactured by applying a precise combination of chemicals to the surface of float glass. The chemicals dissolve a small amount of the glass surface in order to produce a smooth, consistent finish, which provides a high level of light transmission combined with the anti-glare effect. A unique combination of best key performance characteristics (gloss, haze, clarity, antisparkling, and anti-fingerprint) defines our best in class anti-glare products. Be prepared for 4K display applications.

ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding

Guardian ThermaGuard® NRG glass is a heat treatable, low-emissivity coating that acts as an effective electromagnetic shield for digital signage applications, reducing interference from surrounding devices.

Guardian ThermaGuard™

Unleash your creativity – design spaces with hidden displays

Guardian Dielectric Mirror glass is a product for dual-function mirror/TV applications, framed TVs, hidden commercial displays and projection screens. The glass gives designers more freedom to create stunning features and visual effects for modern interior designs. The product performance attributes are focusing on both: the sharp mirror-like reflection without haze, and most colour-neutral visible light transmission that provides original colours from the display. Photo by Frank Weber

Guardian Dielectric Mirror

How We Can Help

Guardian Glass’ product portfolio and service package are designed to make your displays stand out in any environment, backed by global technical and commercial support. Guardian works closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and designers of digital displays, to achieve the ideal balance between glass performance and appearance. This means we can provide glass solutions for a wide range of interior and exterior digital signage applications.