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  • Guardian Nexa 6

Guardian Nexa™ 6

Focused on the future

Introducing Guardian Nexa™ 6. A generation of lower-carbon glass.

Guardian Nexa 6 is a new lower-carbon glass that can be used across a wide range of facade applications to help reduce the embodied carbon of the built environment.

Why choose Guardian Nexa 6 for your building?

● Embodied carbon reduced by more than 30%* 
● Higher cullet content from both internal and external sources 
● No compromise on performance or aesthetics

Reduced embodied carbon

Through research and development, technical innovation and manufacturing expertise we’ve reduced the levels of embodied carbon by more than 30% – compared to standard 4mm Guardian ExtraClear™ float glass. This means Guardian Nexa 6 has an embodied carbon value of 6.38 kg CO2e/m2.* 

Increased cullet, reduced consumption

Guardian Glass are able to incorporate a higher cullet content in float glass produced in Europe, helping to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy. Each ton of cullet replaces approximately 1.2 tons of raw material and uses less energy in the production process, lowering CO2 emissions by up to 315 kgs.

Increased cullet, reduced consumption

Lower carbon, same great performance

Guardian Nexa 6 can be used as a base or laminated glass with Guardian’s high-performance coatings – like Guardian SunGuard™ and Guardian ClimaGuard™. As well as lowering embodied carbon, these combinations can also help improve energy efficiency, safety and sound reduction throughout a building’s life.

Lower carbon, same great performance

No compromise on aesthetics

The lower carbon benefits of Guardian Nexa 6 don’t mean compromising on performance or aesthetics. The vast array of Guardian Glass coatings are all available with Guardian Nexa 6, allowing you to choose exactly what you need – from neutral to colored and transparent to reflective.   

No compromise on aesthetics

Guardian Nexa lower-carbon glass applications

Guardian Nexa 6 can be used as a base or laminated glass with our high-performance coatings to offer solar control and thermal insulation, and add security, sound reduction or bird-friendly properties when laminated. Helping you reduce embodied carbon across a wide range of facade applications.

Here are just some of the applications it can help with:

Curtain wall

All the design flexibility
with less carbon 

Curved facades

Curve Guardian Nexa 6
just like other glass

Bird-friendly glass

Combine greater bird
safety with reduced


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Who is Guardian Glass?

We are a world leader in float, laminated and coated glass manufacturing, working with glass since 1932. Today we operate across 5 continents and 160 countries. Our architectural glass solutions offer a wide range of performances and aesthetic options to help meet your projects’ requirements. Our glass helps build energy efficient homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and much more, including some of the world’s most iconic architectural landmarks.


*The embodied carbon reduction was calculated by comparing the estimated value for 4 mm Guardian Nexa™ glass produced at our Guadian Glass Goole plant in the UK, and the estimated average value for 4 mm Guardian ExtraClear™ glass produced in our European plants. The average embodied carbon value for Europe is based on the product’s Embodied Carbon Factor (ECF) which was derived from the regional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), using 2021 data from all Guardian Glass European plants, considered to be a representative average.  The Guardian Nexa™ value and regional European average embodied carbon value are pending verification for conformance to ISO 14040/44, ISO 21930, and the Product Category Rules (PCR) through a program operator and independent reviewer. Numbers are subject to vary due to the critical review process. The new Guardian Nexa™ EPD and EU regional EPD are expected to be published by mid-2024.
The embodied carbon data is the CO2 equivalent in kg per square meter of glass (CO2 eq.), emitted during the glass production (A1-A3), and was calculated using a standard 4 mm thickness, not the actual glass thickness. The A1 – A3 stages include the environmental impacts from the raw materials extraction and processing stage, raw materials transportation to the manufacturing site, and the manufacturing of the product.