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Choosing the right type of glass

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Choosing the right type of glass

Glass is a fascinating material: Its malleable, versatile, and durable qualities make it an extraordinarily useful material in architecture. However, you must know it well to use it well. With this interactive infographic, you’ll know which glass to use for which purpose in your construction. Check this now!

Interactive Infographic for Limitless Possibilities

Possibilities of glass stretches far and wide depending on each project’s aesthetic, technical and energy-related concerns, rendering the scope of its applications practically unlimited. Whether it be external glazing, interior decoration, and industrial uses, glass provides architects and interior designers a material that gives shape to their creative inspiration. It tames light, while contributing to the building occupants’ comfort, and helping to protect the environment.


Different Types of Glass for Different Purposes

They all may seem sleek and transparent, but there are various kinds of glass used in construction. To name a few:

  • solar control coated glass
  • high durable coated glass
  • dynamic glass
  • building-integrated photovoltaics
  • anti-reflective glass
  • etc.

Each of these various glass types has its own unique set of characteristics and advantages. Choosing the right glass is far from insignificant! Each type of glass is manufactured for specific uses. The suitable selection of the glass and glazing will definitely mark your construction project in distinction from others.

However, it is not an easy task to pick the most appropriate type of glass for your particular construction project. Guardian Glass has created for you this interactive infographic on different types of glass in order to show you in detail the diverse possibilities available. Some examples are listed below:

  • On roof glazing – architectural multifunctional coated glass for solar control and thermal insulation to help prevent overheating of the interior during summer and heat loss during winter.
  • On shopfront – anti-reflective glass to improve the attractiveness of shop windows and improve the customer’s visual experience: it maximizes visibility while minimizing reflection.

Finding a good fit for the type of glass is a key to maximizing comfort and style in the indoor space of your buildings. With this interactive infographic, you will get a head start in your search for that perfect match.