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How does an Insulating Glass Unit work and how to improve its performance?

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How does an Insulating Glass Unit work and how to improve its performance?

Today, architects and builders are focused on buildings’ energy efficiency, while helping to keep the occupants comfortable at all times.

The use of insulating glass units (IGUs) can help improve the overall thermal performance and energy efficiency of a building without sacrificing its appearance. While each project has its own requirements, there are many different combinations of IGUs to choose from. This means you can select an IGU that meets the specific needs of your building.

In hot climates, how can your selection of glazing help prevent the overheating of a building, while still providing plenty of natural daylight for occupants? In cold climates, how can it help reduce heat loss from the building? 

Insulating Glass Unit - Read More

IGUs can help improve the thermal performance of buildings and prevent their overheating. They do this by influencing heat and solar energy transfer. How an IGU is made, its structure and its component parts can have a major impact on the overall performance.

In this practical guide, you will find out:

  • what a typical IGU looks like,
  • how it works,
  • how solar energy interacts with it,
  • how to improve its performance.

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