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How glass can contribute to more energy efficient buildings

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Due to the clever structural glazing, the aesthetics are visually appealing, reflecting the building’s surroundings on all sides.

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Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs.


Nobu Hotel Warsaw embraces the city’s charisma to create a genuinely unique, stunning structure in this cultural hub.

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How glass can contribute to more energy efficient buildings

Awareness of environmental sustainability is growing, and rapid changes are taking place worldwide in the construction industry.

How glass can contribute to more energy efficient buildings
The DIme

Discover how solar control glass can benefit your building

As part of an architect’s overall solution, glass is surprisingly flexible, and can help meet the most challenging projects and contribute to more energy efficient builds.

Combinations of coatings and properties can work in different ways to suit different projects, giving you more options and opening up new design opportunities to help meet local regulations and your own energy saving criteria. 

What is heat transfer and how can thermal insulating glass reduce this? How do we measure thermal insulating performance? And how can the insulating performance of windows be improved to enhance the comfort of a building's occupants? In this guide, you will learn about solar energy and how solar control glass can reflect it before it enters the glazing, as well as how it can help retain heat inside a building.

How glass can contribute to more energy efficient buildings

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