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DM 60/40

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Guardian® Dielectric Mirror

DM 60/40

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Dielectric Mirror

Guardian Dielectric Mirror (DM) is an advanced coated glass product for dual-function mirror/TV applications (as well as hidden commercial displays, bathroom TVs, projection screens and electronics). When the TV is switched off, it becomes an aesthetic mirror, adding depth to a room. Guardian Dielectric Mirror gives designers freedom to create features and visual effects for modern interior designs. DM 60/40 reflects nearly 60% of light and has light transmission of around 40%, allowing the display to become clearly visible when it is switched on – ideal where the mirror function is the key aspect.

Glass Types Dielectric mirror


Dielectric Mirror is the ideal product for any application where state-of-the-art, hidden commercial displays, TVs, bathroom TVs, or projection screens are needed. Common applications also range from interior partitions, to design elements, to lighting industry.


Dielectric Mirror is available in a range of thicknesses in Jumbo (3,21 x 6 meter) or cut sizes, on standard ExtraClear ®, UltraClear TM (low-iron) and as laminated glass. 



of reflection glass side



of light transmission



color rendering index


Today, glass permeates every aspect of our life. Mirrors are perfect for any interior space – decorative walls, wardrobe doors, display cases, and more. Rooms sparkle when mirrors reflect artwork, sculpture, and unique interior architecture. Guardian Dielectric Mirror uses advanced glass coating technology to open up the minds of designers creating features and fittings that can add a new dimension to modern interior design. By creating Dielectric Mirror using the most advanced magnetron glass coating technology, Guardian offers one of the best options on the market to reduce distraction caused by high absorption in regular high-reflective glasses. Guardian Dielectric Mirror removes the excessive dark aspect so familiar in many of these glass applications and provides a commercial advantage with a product display unspoiled by excessively dark glass.

Product Description 

Modern advances in technology mean that today many other factors are considered when choosing the right glass for the right application. We use the latest glass-making technology to turn mountains of silica sand and other raw materials into molten glass that “floats” on a bath of molten tin to produce a ribbon of nearly perfect glass, which acts as the base for our dielectric mirror. 
DM 60/40 reflects 56% of light and has light transmission of 41% (on Guardian ExtraClear® base glass), allowing the display to become visible when it is switched and offering the optimal solution for applications where the mirror function is the key aspect of the design.

Product information

  • Guardian ExtraClear 3-8 mm
  • Guardian UltraClear 3-8 mm
  • Digital display signage
Manufacturing Options
  • Single Product (Annealed and Heat Treated)
  • TPF (Temporary Protective Film)
  • Laminated
  • Bent
Recommended Coating Positions
  • Surface 1 (Single sided)
Maximum Size
  • <3210x6000mm
Edge Deletion
  • No
Glass Type
  • Durable Coated Glass
  • Mirror
Glass Functions
  • Hidden displays
Fabrication Options
  • Can be used Monolithic
  • Silver
Performance data

The glazing make-up suggestions below are pre-defined to provide examples of commonly used combinations of products. There are many other glass combinations available at Glass Analytics.



GLASS: Guardian ExtraClear (CE) Glass, 6mm (2-Dielectric Mirror 60/40 (CE))

Calculated Values are in accordance with EN 410:2011 / EN 673:2011

Performance Values

Visible Light
Transmittance (τv)
41 %
Reflectance outside (ρv)
55 %
Reflectance inside (ρv)
57 %
General Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Transmittance UV (τuv)
40 %
Solar Energy
Solar transmittance (τe)
58 %
Reflectance outside (ρe)
32 %
Reflectance inside (ρe)
35 %
Solar absorptance (αe)
11 %
Solar Factor (g)
60 %
Shading Coefficient (sc)
Thermal properties
U-Value (Ug)
5.7 W/m²·K
Performance Calculations
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  • 2 Middle Pane
  • 3 Inner Pane
  • 4 cavity
  • 5 calculation format
  • 6 Results
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Outer Pane

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Performance Values

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