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BNL-BNP Paribas

Due to the clever structural glazing, the aesthetics are visually appealing, reflecting the building’s surroundings on all sides.

cube berlin

Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs.


Nobu Hotel Warsaw embraces the city’s charisma to create a genuinely unique, stunning structure in this cultural hub.

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Guardian Inspiration®


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True to what's behind it

Guardian Inspiration® is a 2 and 3mm thin float glass with an acid treatment on one side, ideal for high quality, non-glare applications such as artwork, pictures, certificates, posters and photographs. Available in 2mm and 3 mm, Guardian Inspiration® glass reduces unwanted light and glare that may occur under certain lighting conditions. Guardian Inspiration® is the best option when you want image quality with reduce glare. The product’s superior haze and clarity offer the best colour definition and image resolution.

Product information

  • Guardian ExtraClear 2-3 mm
  • Guardian UltraClear 2-3 mm
  • Picture frames
Manufacturing Options
  • Annealed
  • Must be Heat Treated
Recommended Coating Positions
  • Surface 1 (Single sided)
Maximum Size
  • <3210x2550mm
Edge Deletion
  • No
Glass Type
  • Acid Etched
Glass Functions
  • Reduced glare
Fabrication Options
  • Can be used Monolithic
  • White