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BNL-BNP Paribas

Due to the clever structural glazing, the aesthetics are visually appealing, reflecting the building’s surroundings on all sides.

cube berlin

Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs.


Nobu Hotel Warsaw embraces the city’s charisma to create a genuinely unique, stunning structure in this cultural hub.

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Guardian SatinDeco®


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The privacy you need. The light you want.

Guardian SatinDeco® acid-etched translucent glass is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Guardian’s proprietary acid-etching process produces a satin-like, smooth finish that obscures the view through the glass, while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. Guardian SatinDeco has a uniform surface that is extremely robust and durable, helping prevent marks from grease or dirt. Guardian SatinDeco® can be used on its own as monolithic glass for decorative and interior fittings, or can be fabricated into an insulating glass unit combined with other Guardian coated glass products to produce high performance glazing with features such as thermal insulation and solar control.


SatinDeco is Guardian’s unique family of acid-etched glass, with four different levels of translucence providing maximum creative flexibility. Whether your design calls for complete privacy or a small amount of diffused light, the Satindeco family can provide the right solution, allowing the use of glass in applications previously thought impossible.                                              
Once installed, SatinDeco does not require any special care. The extra-smooth finish is resistant to stains and marks from fingerprints—and remarkably easy to clean. And as time passes, you can be sure that SatinDeco will retain its elegance and ease of maintenance. 
Count on the SatinDeco portfolio to create partitions, staircases, doors, shower enclosures, furniture—you name it. Experience the design flexibility that is SatinDeco.
With four different intensities, SatinDeco invites you to test your creativity and unfetter your imagination. Want privacy without losing light? Double Sided is the answer. Want a silky smooth finish that adds visual interest to a space? Try Elegance and take your design to a whole new level of sophistication.        
The collection is organized by level of translucence, from the most translucent - Light, to the most opaque, Double Sided.

Product information

  • Guardian ExtraClear 3-15 mm
  • Guardian UltraClear 3-15 mm
  • Windows
  • Decorative
  • Furniture
  • Privacy
  • Fittings
Manufacturing Options
  • Annealed
  • Laminated
  • Bent
Recommended Coating Positions
  • Surface 1 and or 2
Maximum Size
  • <3210x6000mm
Edge Deletion
  • No
Glass Type
  • Acid Etched
Glass Functions
  • Privacy
  • Decoration
Fabrication Options
  • Can be used Monolithic
  • Can be in an Insulating Glass Unit
  • White