Commercial Application:

Glass Doors for Buildings

Architectural glass doors that look good and perform even better

Choosing the right glass for the doors of a building can improve their appearance and provide a variety of enhanced performance features such as solar control, thermal insulation, low reflection, safety and security, sound reduction, decoration and privacy.

More than just an entrance...

A glass entrance to a building is open and inviting while able to control access, provide security including impact resistance and be an integral part of the energy management of the overall building.

Optimized Performance

By incorporating solar control glass, you can choose whether to reflect solar heat from highly exposed doors or accept additional solar heat from areas that can benefit from the sun’s free solar energy. Other important features for commercial glass doors include safety (from bumping into glass panels or risk of injury from broken glass), privacy, anti-intrusion and sound reduction.

A Diverse Range of Commercial glass for building's doors

Guardian Glass offers a variety of product options for commercial doors, including Guardian ClarityTM anti-reflective glass; Guardian LamiGlass® for safety, security and sound reduction; Guardian ClimaGuard®Dry anti-external condensation glass; Guardian SatinDeco® acid-etched translucent glass; and a range of Guardian SunGuard® coatings for thermal insulation and solar control.


ClimaGuard® Dry

Anti-condensation glass used as the outer pane of a insulated double or triple glazed unit

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High-performance architectural glass that helps architects and designers Build With Light®

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