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Here is your invitation to push your own creative boundaries. Balance form and function. Enhance a building’s comfort. Reduce energy costs and earn LEED® points. Leading architects trust Guardian to wrap their landmarks in glass. Designers trust us to help them balance beauty, privacy and durability. Millions of homeowners also trust us each day to create just the right glass for their homes in every conceivable climate. You could say Guardian Glass is bold and visionary. Just like you.


High-performance architectural glass that helps architects and designers Build With Light®

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Residential glass that welcomes natural light and neutralizes the negative effects of the sun and frigid temperatures

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Commercial refrigeration glass that entices customers to buy what’s inside, lowers the utility bill and resists the wear of daily use

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AR 15/15

A glass coating that transmits a truer image and is ideal for high-tech signage, industrial displays and interactive consumer electronics.

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Spandrel glass is an aesthetic way to hide structural elements like columns or vents.

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