Residential innovation for every climate

Selecting the right glass for residential applications is important, not just in terms of how the glass looks, but also about how it performs in terms of solar control, security, sound reduction, thermal insulation and privacy. Guardian ClimaGuard® is a growing family of advanced glass products designed specifically for the home. Whether it’s for windows, doors, skylights or conservatories, ClimaGuard® can make living spaces more beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy efficient. The glass can be tailored to suit specific climates, exceed performance expectations or achieve distinctive styles. No other company offers a broader choice of glass solutions for the residential window market.

ClimaGuard® Residential Glass

ClimaGuard Premium2

Low-E glass offers exceptional levels of light transmission (74% in triple-glazing) and solar heat gain for passive house and low-energy home builds

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ClimaGuard® Residential Glass

ClimaGuard 1.0+

One of the highest levels of thermal insulation possible in standard double glazed IGUs with enhanced light transmission (76%)

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ClimaGuard® Residential Glass

ClimaGuard A+

Guardian ClimaGuard A+ is an improved thermal insulating glass that meets high performance requirements in terms of transparency and solar heat gain.

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ClimaGuard® Dry

Anti-condensation glass used as the outer pane of a insulated double or triple glazed unit

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ClimaGuard® Residential Glass

ClimaGuard Neutral 70

Highly durable, easy-to-process, fabricator-friendly Low-E coated glass for light commercial and residential applications in hot and cold weather environments.

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