Guardian ExtraClear®

The glass that goes the extra mile

Standard clear glass has an inherent greenish colour due to its iron oxide content. This green tint is visible particularly when viewing the edge of the glass or in a composite stack of many glass lites. Guardian ExtraClear® float glass contains significantly less iron oxide than standard clear float glass, resulting in enhanced colour neutrality in transmission and reflection. Guardian ExtraClear® can be heat treated or laminated and has a wide range of applications including high performance facades, partitions, store fronts, solar control glass, laminated safety glass, and silk-screen printed glass among others.

Product Benefit


Provides outstanding colour neutrality in transmission and reflection. Less iron content reduces the greenish tint in the glass, particularly when viewed along the edge.

Product Benefit


Available in 2 mm to 15 mm thicknesses. In Europe, all Guardian coated glasses are produced on Guardian ExtraClear® as standard.

Product Benefit

Application and fabrication options

Can be processed, laminated, painted, cut, curved, silk-screened, tempered, heat soaked, and is bendable like any conventional float glass.

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Your mission is clear. Put the flexibility of conventional float glass to use without a hint of green. And provide more light and less heat, from edge to edge. We can help.