Enticing energy efficiency

Guardian ThermaGuard® glass products set new standards for performance and aesthetics in commercial refrigeration and hot appliances. This range of low-emissivity (Low-E), anti-reflective (AR) and hybrid products keep refrigeration units cool and efficient and hot appliances safe to use, allowing retailers to use less energy and save on operating costs. Guardian ThermaGuard® products support ENERGY STAR, EPA and EISA compliance. Guardian ThermaGuard® anti-reflective glass maximizes visibility and virtually eliminates reflection. Resistant to scratches and scuffs of daily wear, the glass creates an optimal shopping experience for shoppers. Guardian ThermaGuard glass products help reduce condensation and enhance light transmission.


Clear views are maintained with high light transmission, virtually no reflections, significantly less build-up of condensation.


Guardian ThermaGuard® products keep refrigeration units cool and hot appliances hot. Options include anti-reflective; temperable Low-E for added safety; and a Low-E, high performance product for the most demanding refrigeration needs.

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Whether your goal is to battle high temperatures and humidity or to provide ultra-scratch-resistant displays, ThermaGuard can help. Guardian experts are available to help you make the best glass decision or work with us to create your own