Guardian UltraClear® LamiGlass™ Neutral

Brilliant neutrality and transparency at any angle

The Problem

Guardian UltraClear® low iron glass is a premium choice for both commercial and residential construction markets when attractive appearance and brilliant neutrality are required. However, when laminated to safety glass with regular PVB interlayer, its neutrality, transparency and overall clear aesthetic may be weakened.

The Solution

With the support of Guardian Glass, Eastman Chemical Company has developed Saflex® Crystal Clear PVB to perfectly match Guardian UltraClear® aesthetics, resulting in an interlayer that remains almost undetectable. Guardian UltraClear®LamiGlass™ Neutral (UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral) with Saflex Crystal Clear is like no other laminated low iron safety glass. It has exceptional brilliant neutrality and transparency, and provides the closest aesthetics to monolithic Guardian UltraClear®, – regardless of the viewing angle.

Key Benefits

While Guardian UltraClear®LamiGlass™ Neutral remains neutral in appearance, it also meets the same safety, security and acoustic performance levels as laminated glass with regular PVB interlayer, but without the unwanted greenish-yellowish tint.

UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral has one of the lowest Yellowness index (Yi). In product tests, 6 + 6mm UltraClear glass laminated with 1.52mm Saflex® Crystal Clear gives an industry leading Yi of less than 0.2. In the same glass combination with regular PVB the average Yi is 1.

But the best aesthetics does not mean a compromise on performance. Guardian UltraClear®LamiGlass™ Neutral achieves a Security level of P2A according to EN 356 and a Safety level of 1(B)1 according to EN 12600 with a PVB thickness of just 0.76mm (configuration tested: UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral 12mm 6.6.2). Various combinations of coatings and surface treatments are available on Guardian UltraClear®LamiGlass™ Neutral (Guardian SatinDeco® acid-etched coloured glass, Guardian SunGuard® solar control coated glass, and Guaridan ClimaGuard® low-e thermal insulating glass) to meet a targeted range of high quality products that also require the very best aesthetics.

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UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral supports and fulfills the endless need for brilliant neutrality, high transparency and safety, making it ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications such as interior doors, partitions, balustrades, stairs, railings, furniture, display cases and museum glazing, as well as exterior use in curtain walls, facades and windows, including high-end retail shopfronts.