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Insulate from cold

Energy efficient glass can insulate your windows from cold 

Imagine being so comfortable in your home that you never want to leave, and when away, you always want to get back home.  You are happy and secure, with you, your home and its contents protected from the cold outside. Energy efficient glass can play a vital role in this.

Why consider thermal insulation for your home

Do you have to put on several layers of clothes in winter to be comfortable? Your home should be a refuge from the elements. If you’re uncomfortable, it could be because your home is not well-insulated thermally.

Why consider thermal insulation for your home

Perhaps there are weak spots where cold is penetrating, making your heating inefficient. The key is to maintain a stable and comfortable indoor temperature, no matter what the temperature outside. There are a number of effective ways to improve the thermal insulation of your home so you can enjoy an ideal temperature year-round.

Why window glass can be a good investment

Imagine new energy efficient glass that will help keep your home the perfect temperature , reducing heat loss in winter. Improving window insulation is a genuine investment. Energy efficient glass can help save electricity or gas and yet offer greater comfort, and an improved energy classification for your home.

Why window glass can be a good investment

How to insulate your home and maintain comfortable temperatures

There are several vulnerable spots where thermal leaks most commonly occur in houses: the ceiling, the windows, the walls and the floor. To achieve adequate thermal insulation in your home, one solution is to replace your old windows with energy efficient windows.

There are three key factors that affect a window’s energy efficiency: 

  • The frame and quality of the material. Cold, heat or moisture can access through the joints. 

  • The installation between the frame and the facade. If the windows are not well-sealed, the cold will find a way through. 

  • The glass composition. It is the most important factor in making your window well insulated thermally, as it can make up 80 percent of the window area.