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In our business, success depends completely on the satisfaction of the people using our products. If they’re happy, we’re happy. Architects, fabricators, glaziers, processors, cladders, window manufacturers and interior designers all rely on Guardian Glass products and have a story to tell. While they use our products in different ways and in different places all over the world, each sees the wonderful possibilities of working with Guardian Glass.


Stunning design deserves the best glass. We are proud to work with some of the world’s most creative minds to help them achieve their vision.

Thanks to Guardian Glass cutting-edge technologies, we manage to minimize the visual boundaries between interior and exterior designs as well as protect the inner premises from temperature fluctuations, caused by the tough climate of our region.

Alexey Obraztsov


Over many years of effective collaboration the bright artistic images of various constructions, designed by the architects of «A.Len» bureau, have been expressively and elaborately complemented by numerous shades of Guardian multifunctional architectural glass. This glass allows us to create the optimal level of comfort inside the premises, whose functionality may be totally different and versatile.

Sergey Ivanovich Oreshkin

Chief Architect of architectural bureau “A. Len”

Once you start working with Guardian, you immediately receive prompt and continual support from the company’s specialists in the process of project design. They help you implement breakthrough ideas, suggest reliable solutions and ensure that you get a guaranteed result. That is what we personally find extremely important.

Natalia Ibragimova

Chief architect of "PM Architek"

Guardian is an undisputed leader of the architectural glass market. It is undoubtedly my choice while working on various projects. I am confident of the result of my work, as I have total trust in the quality of SunGuard glass, whether it comes to its technical characteristics, thermal features or aesthetics.

Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina

Chief Architect PM ADT, Kazan

Window companies

Guardian Glass creates not only hi-tech progressive glass, it first of all creates opportunities. It gives an opportunity to its partners to work creatively, offering various solutions that are in great demand on the market. It also gives an opportunity to end users to choose the style and atmosphere that match their understanding of comfortable living.

Yuri Kiselev

Managing Director of MASCO GLASS

Guardian Glass is not only about the highest product quality, it’s also about the people who are pleasant to deal with.

Gorobets Oleg Petrovich

CEO of Goodwin

It’s important to get everything at once: precise schedule of shipments and competitive prices. Guardian offers a lot more, including marketing programs, bonuses, motivational projects, highly skilled TAC department, expertize, software. When all that is available, we are talking not about a supplier but rather about a Partner of your business. This is exactly what Guardian is – your business partner, reliable, progressive and innovative.

Zakharova Marina

Development Director, Okna Start


Glass fabricators need to balance architects’ designs with the practical demands of performance expectations, manufacturing processes and many other factors. Shared knowledge with our fabricator partners helps everyone succeed.

Cutting-edge developments of Guardian company let us produce IGUs with the highest technical characteristics regarding light transmission, yet the solar factor of this glass is minimal. The collaboration between RSK and Guardian is a guarantee that the architect’s vision and dream will come true and be embodied in a breathtaking construction.

RSK Osinovaya Roscha

Saint Petersburg


Over the years of our fruitful cooperation with Guardian we have accomplished a lot of construction objects, and our close cooperation has transformed into sincere friendship. What is more, Guardian Glass even supports our hockey team in the competitions of Saint-Petersburg hockey league.

GK "Avangard"

Saint Petersburg

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No matter the time or day, Guardian Glass is at work, across the globe, innovating, creating and building a better world. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.