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Balance is a new business center, consisting of two high-rise towers of 18 and 23 floors, respectively, is designed in a modern architectural style. According to the authors’ plan, one of the towers embodies status and experience, while the second one stands for ambitions and energy.

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    Маерчака 10
    Russian Federation

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Peculiarities of the architecture

Ratushnyak architectural bureau tried to implement this complicated conceptual idea, and they successfully coped with the project. The designers not just erected an aesthetically flawless building, but carried it out on a high-tech level, involving cutting-edge solutions in lighting, energy efficiency and climate control. To a certain extent it was achieved with the help of Guardian SunGuard® Solar Silver Grey 32 coated glass.The façade of the business center has almost complete leaded light glazing, which offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the city from the inside of the Balance.


  • OOO SSK-Trade


  • Ратушняка ПБА ООО


  • ДАК / DAK